Distribution Network Investment

Meinergy provides one integrated solution including distribution grid consulting,investment and operation.With domestic and foreign professional talents,operation management experience and advanced software,Meinergy participates in the establishment of the distribution company,planning and design of regional distribution network, and post operation and maintenance of distribution network.

Electric Reform Pioneer: Guian New Area Energy Co., Ltd.
  • Population
  • Area
    1795 k㎡
  • GDP Growth
    10 %

Guian new district distribution co. LTD.is the first in the country with the largest registered capital, the largest area of power supply, and is the first electricity distribution company with mixed ownership involving private and foreign investment in the comprehensive pilot province of electricity reform.The company is also the first national electricity distribution company where non-grid enterprises are the absolute major shareholders.The company gathers resources from parties of power generation, transmission, distribution and local government.

As one of the shareholders,Tellhow won the only board seat on behalf of private capitals and sent a team mainly consisting of returnees to the management team of the company. Tellhow strives to build Guian new district into a demonstration area of energy Internet.

An overview of Guian new district.
Guian new district is the eighth national new district, with big data, electric vehicles and high-end manufacturing as the key industries.

Capital Structure



Electricity Supply Service

representative electricity selling services for big power users. According to specific requirements,Meinergy provides users with a series of value-added services such as electricity data collection and monitoring, power distribution investment, safety operation and maintenance, energy efficiency optimization strategy analysis, etc. Through the establishment of integrated intelligent management cloud platform, Meinergy provides necessary components of operation and management for electricity selling companies from the aspects of marketing,contract, risk control and settlement, so as to improve the operation efficiency.

5.56 million
In 2017, the power market will be in total 5.56 trillion RMB.
Registered electricity selling companies 8000+, public electricity selling companies 1370+


Power Transaction

Meinergy provides intelligent trading aids for power traders through the construction of trading cloud platform. Meinergy participates in real power transactions and provides green power certificate trading and carbon trading services through the establishment of electricity sales and distribution companies


Energy Efficiency Management

Meinergy provides customers with diversified and all-round services by means of combination of hardware and software,automation, informatization and intellectualization.Combined with the energy efficiency cloud platform and based on the industrial energy consumption monitoring information system, Meinergy integrates the business of energy monitoring, energy saving transformation, demand side response and accomplished the construction of enterprise-level,park-level,provincial and even national platform.


Park Operation

Meinergy provides comprehensive power operation and maintenance solutions including online equipment real-time monitoring, operation and maintenance management, offline planned inspection, special inspection, planned maintenance, emergency repair, electric test, etc as well as power quality control, energy saving services, power planning, construction, equipment leasing and agency procurement, and other value-added services.

By 2017,
National Energy
Administration announced
incremental distribution
grid pilot projects.
"Internet +" smart energy
(energy Internet) demonstration projects.
multi-energy complementary
integration optimization
demonstration projects.


Carbon Asset Management

Guizhou Tellhow Treasurecarbon smart energy Co., Ltd. is the first domestic company combining carbon with energy Internet.The establishment of the energy company about carbon marks the integration and complementation of market resources and retrograde height in the filed of energy Internet and electricity selling. The company completed the closed-loop integration of the whole life cycle of green power, and built a panoramic service ecosystem with carbon product line to drive energy efficiency and electricity.