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Meinergy can provide customized energy services targeting specific needs from power suppliers, grid operators,electricity sellers, park operators and industrial and commercial power users, by providing consulting, project contracts,operation services and advanced software solutions. Meinergy provides a comprehensive energy Internet solution including grid investment, power transaction, electricity sales services, energy efficiency management, park operation, carbon asset management and comprehensive energy services.

  • Distribution Network Investment

    Meinergy invests in distribution grid construction based on the listing background of parent company.With domestic and foreign professional talents,operation management experience and advanced software,Meinergy participates in the establishment of the distribution company,planning and design of regional distribution network, and post operation and maintenance of distribution network.

  • Electricity Supply Service

    Through the establishment of integrated intelligent management cloud platform, Meinergy provides necessary components of operation and management for electricity selling companies from the aspects of marketing,contract, risk control and settlement, so as to improve the operation efficiency.

  • Power Transaction

    Meinergy provides intelligent trading aids for power traders through the construction of trading cloud platform. Meinergy participates in real power transactions and provides green power certificate trading and carbon trading services through the establishment of electricity sales and distribution companies

  • Energy Efficiency Management

    Meinergy provides customers with diversified and all-round services by means of combination of hardware and software,automation, informatization and intellectualization.Combined with the energy efficiency cloud platform and based on the industrial energy consumption monitoring information system, Meinergy integrates the business of energy monitoring, energy saving transformation, demand side response and accomplished the construction of enterprise-level,park-level,provincial and even national platform.

  • Park Operation

    Meinergy builds a flexible energy management platform which is drived by electricity trading and price signals.By means of interaction between generation,grid,load and energy storage and multi-energy complement,Meinergy optimizes the production and use of energy economically and provides comprehensive energy management solutions combined with informationized platform and expert services.

  • Carbon Asset Management

    With the further promotion of energy conservation and emissions reduction from government and the establishement of domestic carbon trading market,carbon emissions rights trading and certified voluntary emissions (CCER) will be good for enterprises to control greenhouse gas emissions.

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